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Mobile Forensics

Mobile device forensics is the science of recovering digital evidence from a mobile device under forensically sound conditions using accepted methods. Mobile device forensics is an evolving specialty in the field of digital forensics. This guide attempts to bridge the gap by providing an in-depth look into mobile devices and explaining technologies involved and their relation ship to forensic procedures. This document covers mobile devices with features beyond simple voice communication and text messaging capabilities. This guide also discusses procedures for the validation, preservation, acquisition, examination, analysis, and reporting of digital information.

JTAG Services

The JTAG method is our first line of defense and involves disassembling the device and soldering wires to the device’s Test Access Ports.  These wires are then connected to a JTAG box which allows the examiner to obtain an image of the device’s memory. Once the image is obtained, the wires are de-soldered and the phone may be re-assembled and functional (if the device was functioning before the process started). The JTAG process is most frequently used when dealing with devices that are locked, have disabled USB ports and have moderate physical damage.

Off-Chip Services

The Chip-Off method is an advanced solution used if JTAG has not been able to recover the data. The examiner utilizes special equipment to gently disassemble the device and locate the memory chip.  The examiner then cleans the chip and prepares it for the imaging process. The raw data is imaged from the chip using specialized programmers and adapters. The Chip-Off process is a final stage solution and will be destructive to the device.


Extract all relevant information of Android, Apple, or windows based devices such as mobile manufacturer name, model number, database records, operating system registry and all saved files/folders. Provide the information about saved text messages and phone book contact numbers. Support all OS based mobile phone and smart phone devices.

Our engineers can extract all detailed information from Android, Apple and  windows based devices. Forensically analyzes all saved phone book contact numbers and text messages with person name. Affordable investigation to get relevant information of mobile devices such as mobile model name, IMEI number, database records, operating system registry, phone book, calendar, word lists, images, videos, call history, etc.

We can recovers lost deleted text messages and phone book contact numbers from mobile phones. We can recover data that has been deleted within inbox, outbox or draft text messages and phone book contact numbers (last dialed or fixed numbers) from damaged cell phones. As well provide full details of service provider name, IMSI and identification number.

  • Show full recovery detail
  • Restore both read and unread text messages
  • Support all major mobile phone service providers
  • Provide IMSI number along with ICC-ID identification number
  • Any network service provider
  • Save recovery in txt format for future reference
  • Recover senders name and number with date and time