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Data Recovery

One of the First Questions You Need To Ask About Data Recovery – “How Is My Data Recovered?” It’s one of the most often asked and necessary questions about data recovery – “How do you get my data back?” There’s really nothing magical about it, although sometimes recovering data can seem almost miraculous.

The right knowledge and the right tools

Proper data recovery requires two things: knowledge about the proper procedures for data recovery and the right tools, i.e., technology.

Not all data recovery companies offer the necessary knowledge and technology. So in choosing a data recovery company, ask about both. Find out about the credentials and accreditation of the people who’ll be working on recovering your data.

Then, find out what type of facilities and technologies they use. (More on that in a moment.)

The first thing a data recovery firm should do is evaluate the hard drive and determine if the data is recoverable. While doing this, they should also determine what recovery process will be necessary.

Types of failure in a hard drive

Generally speaking there are two primary forms of failure in a hard drive: logical and physical. Logical failures are usually the result of file-system corruption. Physical failures can be either mechanical or electronic.

The determination of the type of failure will determine the next steps to be taken.

If the drive failure is a logical issue, an evaluation of the file system will be performed to try and repair the corruption. If this doesn’t work, then a very low-level scan will be performed, searching all sectors of the hard drive for files.

If the files are located, they can then be copied to a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or another hard drive. Be aware that logical recoveries can take up an enormous amount of time, especially if the drive is on the verge of physical failure.

If the problem is a physical failure, recovery can be more difficult. Again, there are two categories of physical failure, mechanical and electronic. Physical failure usually necessitates having matching parts to get the drive functioning again. So it’s important to find out if the data recovery firm has access to parts that match your hard drive.

Clean room

If the firm you are working with has bona fide expertise in data recovery, they should also have a “Class-100” clean room. A Class-100 clean room is designed to maintain exceptional air purity, containing less than 100 airborne particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air. Such an environment is vital for protecting the sensitive internal components of hard drives. If it is necessary to perform an invasive procedure on a hard drive, a “Class-100” clean room or better is needed.

Making the right choice

You’ve got a lot of choices when you need to recover data. How do you decide who to call? How do you make the right choice? Especially when the wrong choice might mean losing the data forever.

Did you know that many companies claiming to offer “data recovery” services lack experiences and have limited resources?

Call them, and not only do you take the risk their not recovering the data, but they lack the necessary skills and resources, you risk having the data lost forever. Whether that information is worth hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of dollars, or precious memories in pictures, can you afford to take that risk? That’s why the first call you make, when you need data recovery recovered, should be to Northwest Data Recovery™, the recognized authority in data recovery.

It starts with results. After making a diagnostic of your drive, we’ll tell you if the data is recoverable.
If it can’t be recovered, you’ll know with certainty, but, because we employ the industry’s top engineers and have the most sophisticated resources available, we usually get the results you want, recover the data.

We’ve already saved data worth millions of dollars, representing countless man-hours in “must have” data that many clients thought was lost forever. We’ll do the same for you. Or it’s free.
Our engineers, our state-of-the-art clean rooms and leading technologies make us the industry leader in data recovery.

Why Choose Northwest Data Recovery, LLC?

  • Experience
  • Efficient and Effective
  • The Clean Room
  • Value


When you retain us to recover your data, you get the benefit of our years of experience and expertise. Founded in 2006, If our team cannot recover your data, it can’t be recovered.

Efficient and Effective

Your data is important to you, so we recover it fast. Our expertise allows us to efficiently and effectively recover lost data in even the most difficult circumstances. Our goal is to get the results you want, recovery of vital data in an effective and efficient manner. Our expertise and experience can save time and effort in the recovery of your data. Saving you time and money

The Clean Room

You already know how sensitive your drive or other media is. Why risk further corruption or contamination in an unclean environment? Our clean room is at the center of our innovative recovery techniques, a fact that assures that your drive isn’t further damaged. Your data is protected and safe when it’s recovered in the Northwest Data Recovery, LLC.

You already know how sensitive your drive or other media is. Why risk further corruption or contamination in an unclean environment? Our clean room is at the center of our innovative recovery techniques, a fact that assures that your drive isn’t further damaged. Your data is protected and safe when it’s recovered in the Northwest Data Recovery, LLC.


Think about it. The data and information on your drive is priceless to you. Rebuilding it or re-inputting the lost data might cost thousands of hours of time. It’s even more valuable if it’s data that cannot be duplicated. Losing it might mean losing it forever.

That’s why where the value of our services comes in. We’ll recover your data in a cost-effective and time efficient manner. We understand the importance of your data to you.

With Northwest Data Recovery, LLC, you get the benefit and value of our expertise and experience in recovering data in a timely and efficient manner.

We’re ready to answered your questions and start recovering your lost data now. You can reach us right now toll-free 1-888-315-DATA (3282)

Recovery Tips

First and for most ask yourself how important is my data?

We here the same story time and time again, I tried to recover my data myself or a PC shop attempted to recover my data and it always end the same way “the data is lost forever”. Inmost cases you get one chance to recover files from a failed media if the data is not important then by all means play with the device learn a little about how it works and you may get lucky and recovery some or all the files. Although if this is something that you don’t want to live without important family memories, business documents, or even a litigation then stop, educate yourself on who is recovering your data and how they are going to safely retrieve my files. A reputable recovery firm will not further damage your device any and all damage that is cause during a recovery attempt is because of inexperience and a lack of understanding of how data is stored all of our engineers follow a strict policy of “do no harm” we treat every case as though our data is lost.

  • DO NOT open your hard drive and expose the media! There is nothing inside that needs the attention of a common user or do-it-yourselfer. Only a qualified hard drive data recovery engineer in a certified clean room environment should ever open a drive.
  • DO NOT try to swap circuit boards on modern drives. There may be firmware/system area conflict issues that may cause major problems.
  • DO NOT put your drive in the freezer and then try to spin it up. It is possible that moisture will have condensed on the media surfaces. This WILL destroy the drive and any information on it.
  • DO NOT listen to your friends or continue to look for home remedies on the net such as the one mentioned above, seek professional help if you value the lost data.
  • DO NOT continue to power cycle a clicking or non-responsive drive. If it should come “ready” by some chance, the possibility of it loading the OS for you, “just one more time”, is very unlikely.
  • DO NOT install recovery software on the same drive/partition that your lost files are on. You will overwrite them with the installation.
  • DO NOT run the recovery CD/DVD furnished with your PC. Most OEM help-desk techs Don’t care about your data; they only want the hardware back on line.
  • DO try to slave your drive into a working system to check for readiness and file system integrity. You may be able to copy your data with no problem if only the OS is corrupt or if there is a hardware issue with the original host computer.
  • DO seek professional help if you’re not 100% sure of what you’re doing. You can learn basic recovery procedures on an expendable system.
  • DO back up your data early and often. It’s not if, it’s when.

Northwest Data Recovery, LLC Can Recovery Your Data!

Success Rate

Calculated over the years by the number of cases divided by the number of successful recoveries.

Manufacturer Failure Rates

Up to 13% of hard drives may fail

At Northwest Data Recovery, We Put the Client First

Our mission is to provide data recovery services that are affordable to everyone

We believe in putting our clients first. Our pricing is straightforward, and there are no hidden fees. We also take the time to explain the data recovery process to help our clients understand what it is we do.

Northwest Data Recovery, LLC is Idaho’s only locally owned full-service data recovery laboratory, providing service to the Treasure Valley since 2005.

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