Data Recovery

By choosing Northwest Data Recovery, you get the assurance that we won’t take unnecessary risks with your important data.

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Forensic Discovery

Northwest Data Recovery offers both laboratory and on-site services to acquire and secure digital evidence.

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Mobile Forensics

Our engineers can affordably extract detailed, relevant, and deleted information from your mobile devices.

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Idaho’s only locally owned full-service data recovery laboratory.  Have you lost irreplaceable family photos?  Tax information?  Valuable contacts or e-mails?  Are you looking for a reputable data recovery company that doesn’t lure you in with low prices and then surprise you with exorbitant add-on fees?  If so, you’ve come the right place!  We offer:

  • fast service
  • no-surprise quotes
  • all work completed onsite – your hard drive is not shipped to another out-of-state lab
  • cutting edge data recovery technology
  • state-of-the-art class 100 clean room facilities
  • complete confidentiality


Northwest Data Recovery saved our case! The lead detective had saved hours of interviews with suspects, victims and witnesses, taken by digital recorder, to his hard drive; he failed to back up the interviews up to CD/DVD. Despite his poor judgment in evidence storage/backup, when his hard drive died suddenly, Northwest Data Recovery was able to restore the content of the hard drive AND all the critical witnesses in the case were no longer available to interview. That case would have been lost and countless man-hours would have been needlessly wasted. Northwest Data Recovery’s turnaround was timely and very cost effective.

Law Enforcement Officer

I’m a consultant who works remotely for my clients, and it’s critical that my data be accessible at all times. Northwest Data Recovery has been a professional, dependable resource for me through several unfortunate hardware failures. Not only have they always been able to recover my personal and professional information, they have also saved me hours of setup time by imaging the settings from my failed laptop and installing it on a new one. Thanks to NWDR’s services, my client never even knew that I’d had a catastrophic hardware failure. I would happily recommend NWDR to anyone who needs a dependable resource for mission-critical data recovery services.


“I recently had a major external hard drive failure. I contacted a couple of places and was told that it was highly unlikely I would be getting any data back. I saw a recommendation here for Northwest Data Recovery and gave them a call. Wayne was fantastic. He was able to recover all of my data – and quickly. I highly recommend them!”


Trusted laboratory

Trust the experts that law enforcement rely on for data recovery.  Our laboratory is conveniently located in the middle of the Treasure Valley in beautiful southwest Idaho. Come find out why law enforcement, the U.S. military, and thousands of customers trust our experts with their data.  Our mission is to provide our clients with fast, reliable, and complete data recovery services. We can recover data within any operating system.